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About Us

Formed in March 2017, we are a small team of developers based in Philadelphia, PA.

Our developers and team members are dedicated to develop Android applications that seek and conquer ideas that people believed to not be possible.

Working closely with XDA Developers and many community-oriented companies, our small start-up has over 2M monthly active users amongst all applications and platforms!

Nicholas Chum (nicholaschum)

CTO, Co-Founder

Ivan Iskandar (iskandar1023)

Lead Platform and Backend Dev

Harsh Shandilya (MSF Jarvis)

Lead Platform and Backend Dev

Anass Karbila (thecrazyskull)

Lead Platform and Backend Dev

George Gian (KreAch3R)

Lead Platform Experimental Dev

Suraj Raval (Surge1223)

Lead Binary and Algorithm Dev

Sai Prasanna (BakaSai)

Lead Team Themer

Nathan Chancellor (nathanchance)

Documentation, community and developer relations

Char G (Char_G)

Social media community manager

Abhijeet Bohra

Public relations manager

Substratum Theme Engine

Initially developed as a successor to the former product, Layers Manager, the new Substratum Theme Engine (available on Play Store) has been widely used amongst Android enthusiasts running Android 6.0 to Android 9.0.

Mainly geared towards customizing system themes through Sony's Overlay Manager Service, as well as the deprecated system - Runtime Resource Overlay.

Andromeda Framework

Developed alongside the Substratum Theme Engine, this utility was created to bridge the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) directly to the device and completely controllable by our apps.

With this application, we are able to disconnect the device from the computer and allow other applications to use the API to use ADB-only functions like clearing data of other apps, disabling/enabling the state of other apps, and many more!

Hyperion Launcher

A completely, brand new theming experience based on Google's own Launcher3. We collaborated with people from AOSPA (Paranoid Android), Lawnchair and Rootless Pixel Launcher to create something completely streamlined, intended for a better user experience!

This launcher brings all popular launcher features together by providing a more consolidated experience and community support to allow users to get what they want out of a professionally-designed launcher.

Hyperion Dock

The Hyperion Dock app must be installed alongside the Hyperion Launcher app to get Google Feed on your home screen. This app must be manually downloaded and installed due to technical reasons imposed by Google.

A few notes of warning regarding Hyperion Launcher's Google Feed integration:

Projekt Development offers no guarantee to the ongoing availability of Google Feed integration in Hyperion Launcher. This functionality may be limited or removed at any time for reasons not limited to Google making changes to their applications in a manner that Google Feed integration support is no longer possible and/or Google objecting its use on third party launchers.
Projekt Development accepts no responsibility for any negative or unintended consequences as a result of manually installing the Hyperion Dock application.
Get Hyperion Dock from APKMirror.